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Reflection of Memories  is a tale of family, friendship and love. The poignant story incorporates the historical events and cultural changes of the tumultuous American era of the 1900s. Readers will feel invested in these characters and learn to see the other person’s perspective while embracing the evolution of our ever-changing American society.

When you turn the pages of this book and travel with these two unforgettable lovers, you will find yourself reflecting upon your own life’s journey. Reflection of Memories  grabs you by the heart, inserts you into the story and makes you realize what is truly important in life.


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Cobwebs of Time is the second book in the Malone family saga by Tesa Jones

Laura enters college in 1969, sheltered young woman in love with her high school boyfriend, determined to change the world by becoming a teacher. Her first day, she meets Brad Malone and is magnetically drawn to him despite his reputation for breaking hearts. Cobwebs of Time is a sweeping novel of their lifelong love affair, set against the social upheaval of the seventies and the economic boom and bust of the eighties.

Tesa Jones has written a mesmerizing page-turner, skillfully evoking the wild feelings of first love and the pain of lost love, the precious bond between parents and children and the difficult path to maturity. Cobwebs of Time interweaves the stories of four main characters: Laura, a pretty, naïve girl who dreams of becoming a teacher; Kurt, an idealist, who is trying to survive in a cynical world; Brad, an aspiring photographer, who hides his painful childhood with a façade of brazen charm; and beautiful Jennifer, who is in school only to meet the rigorous expectations of her exacting father. These four spirited, very different individuals make their way through school and then follow their dreams to the hectic business arenas of Washington, D.C. and New York City.

Jones navigates the waters of marriage and children, political unrest and the sexual revolution, drug use and sexual harassment with a sure hand, and draws the reader into her compelling, and sometimes heartbreaking, world. We stand vigil with the characters in illness, watch love grow and fade, and follow the characters through tragedy to joy. Jones’ stylish, gutsy prose paints vivid portraits of characters we come to care very deeply for, as they struggle to find their place in the world.

Cobwebs of Time is an epic tale that captures the voice of a generation, illuminating universal hopes, fears, and dreams in the stories of four unique young people. Jones has crafted a masterful portrait of characters who do not always make the right choices, but who strive to find happiness and love. Cobwebs of Time is a romantic thrill ride that sweeps the reader along in its wake, a document of an era, and, at its heart, a gripping love story.



The tale will draw laughter, create tears, invoke anger and inspire hope. — Brian Rose, The Times News


Reflection of Memories is a poignant tale of love and loss that kept me reading late into the night.  Tesa Jones has created a beautiful and vivid story, and I was glad to lose myself in the characters.”  — Libby Kirsch, Emmy Award winning journalist, and author of the Stella Reynolds Mystery Series


[Cobwebs of Time] is a real page-turner. — Gale Curcio, The Alexandria Gazette


“Guys shouldn’t feel put off by the picture of a rose on the book’s front cover. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” — Chris Ruckman, The MVYC Beacon


“It’s a perfect book for a lazy day at the beach.” — Vijaya Prasad, The JMU Breeze


“[The Story] is a testament to an epoch.” — Annette Dunlap, Asheboro Courier Tribune


Reflection of Memories brought back precious times and historical events during my own childhood experiences.  I felt as if I could close my eyes, and I was actually in the story reliving my own life.  — James H. Lynch


Cobwebs of Time combines fun, escapist reading with a story of bittersweet tenderness.” — Nicole McGehee, author of Regret Not a Moment, and No More Lonely Nights.


Tesa Jones masterfully creates a rich mosaic of personal relationships. Her vivid portrayals draw the reader into the lives of her characters as they pursue their passions, goals, and dreams.  Her use of familiar surroundings, historical events, and popular trends made me feel as if I were a part of the story and the characters were close friends.  — KB Geary


“This story pushes a lot of buttons for both men and women.”  The Winchester Star


“This impassioned love story has complex characters who become more and more endearing with each turn of the page.”  — Terry Kingery


“The attention to historical detail is impressive and adds such an authentic note to this heartfelt love story.”  — Brittany Dixon


I loved “Cobwebs of Time” and just read “Reflection of Memories”.  The author gives detailed historical references to the time frame so in addition to a great story the books are a trip down memory lane and a history lesson rolled into one! Characters that everyone can relate to regardless which generation you grew up in.  Thought provoking, fun read. Highly recommend.  — Kelly Myatt St. Clair, Artist


Cobwebs of Time is a masterful work that takes the readers themselves, back in time. It is a love story narrated in first person by four main characters who take turns telling their versions as the story progresses. Initially, the story is staged on the campus of Elon College in North Carolina, somewhere in the 1970’s. The characters meet on campus as college students and their fates begin to intertwine as they age and life’s many crossroads have an affect upon them. Tesa Jones is a talented storyteller and her style of writing is refreshingly original. The story is riveting and the reader won’t want to put it down. It is easy for me to recommend this work of art as a must read.
H. Steven Robertson, Author of “Ranch Boy” and “Acorns of Love and Wisdom”


Love love love this story [Reflection of Memories]! The author writes in the minds of both characters – while you are reading in one characters mind you can understand what the other character is feeling – SO awesome! It makes the book intriguing and sometimes painfully exciting as you grow to love and struggle with each person as their story unfolds. And it was a fast and fun read, full of real history and fictional surprises! Guaranteed to leave you wanting more… is it a series, maybe? Just my opinion; the cover price is a little high for what I generally spend on a book…but, trust me, it was worth every penny! – Amazon Customer


Reflection of Memories is a story of love, loss and finding oneself.  Jones is a masterful storyteller who takes you on a journey of self-discovery through the eyes of her characters.  Readers of Cobwebs of Time will be thrilled to meet Brad and Rick again and understand their roots.  You won’t be able to put this book down!”  — Kim Ranney